What is the difference between Taste and Test?

What is the difference between Taste and Test? :

Taste : (noun)

1 ) Sensation caused to the tongue by things placed in it

Sugar has a sweet taste.

2 ) Small quantity of food or drink taken as a sample

Just have a taste of this cheese.

3 ) Preference or linking

Have you a taste of foreign travel?

4 ) Ability to perceive and enjoy what is beautiful or harmonious

I have an excellent taste in clothes.

Taste : (verb)

1 ) Be able to perceive flavor

Can you taste the garlic in this stew?

2 ) Have certain flavor

It tastes bitter.

It tastes strongly of mint.

3 ) Test the flavor of something

She tasted the soup to see if she had put enough salt in it.

4 ) Eat or drink

They have not tasted hot food for over a week.

That is the best food I have ever tasted.

Test : (noun)

1 ) Examination or trial of qualities, etc…

That was an endurance test.

She left her purse on the table as a test of the child’s honesty.

2 ) Examination of a person’s ability or knowledge in a particular area

I gave them a test in history.

Test : (verb)

1 ) Examine and measure qualities of something / someone

I had my eyesight tested on last Monday.

The long climb tested our powers of endurance.

2 ) Test someone’s knowledge and ability in a particular area

I tested the whole class on irregular verbs.

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