What is the difference between Tiff and Tip?

What is the difference between Tiff and Tip? :

Tiff : (noun)

1 ) Slight quarrel between friends or acquaintance

Did you have a tiff with your girl-friend?

Tip : (noun)

1 ) Small sum of money given to a waiter, taxi-driver as a personal reward for their services

He left a tip under his plate.

2 ) Small but useful piece of practical advice

Here is a handy tip for removing stains from clothing.

3 ) Private or special piece of information

Take a tip from me and buy these shares now.

4 ) Place where rubbish may be tipped

Take the broken chair to the tip.

5 ) Dirty or untidy place

Your house is an absolute tip.

6 ) Pointed or this end of something

He was walking in the tips of her toes.

He was hanging by his finger tips from a window frame.

7 ) Small part or piece fitted to the end of something

This is a cane with a rubber tip.

These are shoes with metal tips.

Tip : (verb)

1 ) Give a small sum of money to waiter

He tipped the postman five rupees.

2 ) Give advice or an opinion about something / someone

He has been widely tipped as the President’s successor.

3 ) Touch or strike something slightly

The ball just tipped the edge of his racket.

4 ) Caused something to lean, rise or tilt on one side or at one end

Tip the box up and empty it.

5 ) Pour out by tilting

Tip the dirty water out of the bowl into the sink.

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