Where to use Present Continuous Tense?

Where to use Present Continuous Tense? :

Present Continuous Tense is used to express an action going on at the time of speaking.

This is used…

1 ) To indicate an action going on now…

She is living with her aunt.

The children are going to school.

My mother is talking with me.

We are driving to the driving school.

My parents are coming from New York.

The college is going on.

The teacher is taking the math session.

We are eating our meals.

2 ) To mention future plan…

I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow.

She is giving a party next Sunday.

They are going to museum.

The company is closing its account on 31st March.

The plan is landing only in the second terminus.

The hotel is going to introduce a new dish next week.

3 ) To mention continuous action…

My father is working in Indian Bank.

The problem is getting more and more complicated.

The students are writing the exam.

This hotel is introducing new dish every week.

I am working for this company.

We are making our best to update this soft-ware.

This city is facing traffic problems.

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