Where to use Simple Present Tense?

Where to use Simple Present Tense? :

  1. To indicate habitual activities

    I usually wake up at 6 am in the morning.

    He always drinks a cup of milk in the vening.

  2. To indicate normal activities and routine duties

    He goes for walk in the morning.

    They play football in the evening.

  3. To talk about professional activities

    A baker bakes bread.

    A cobbler mends shoes.

  4. To talk about natural and inherent qualities

    The Sun gives us light and heat.

    My house faces the east.

  5. To state science theories and principles

    Water freezes at zero degrees centigrade.

    Light travels faster than sound.

  6. To state universal truth

    The Sun rises in the east.

    The earth moves round the Sun.

  7. To say proverbs

    A bad carpender quarrels with his tools.

    One swallow does not make a summer.

  8. To speak about future plans

    We go to USA next year.

    He leaves for Delhi tomorrow.

  9. To indicate instantaneous present

    Here comes our Hero.

    Ram heads the ball and puts it into the net.

  10. To state historical facts

    The First World War ends.

    Germany invades Poland.

  11. For few other miscellaneous purposes

    The bottle contains poison.

    This committee consists of five members.

    He seems to be a lawyer.

    This does not matter to him.

    You resemble my Uncle.

    There seems to be no work today.

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