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Whole-Life Insurance : noun : insurance where the insured person pays a fixed premium each year and the insurance company pays a sum when he dies

Wholesale : noun & adverb : buying goods from manufacturers and selling in large quantities to traders who then sell in smaller quantities to the general public

• Wholesale Discount

• Wholesale Shop

Wholesale Dealer = person who buys in bulk from manufacturers and sells to retailers

Wholesale Price Index = index showing the rises and falls of prices of manufactured goods as they leave the factory

• He buys wholesale and sells retail.

• He buys goods in bulk at a wholesale discount and then sells in small quantities to the public.

NOTE : no plural

Wholesaler : noun : person who buys goods in bulk from manufacturers and sells them to retailers

Wholly-Owned Subsidiary : noun : company which is owned completely by another company

Wildcat Strike : noun : strike organized suddenly by worker without the main union office knowing about it

Will : noun : legal document where someone says what should happen to his property when he dies

• He wrote his will in 1964.

• According to her will, all her property is left to her children.

Win : verb : to be successful

• To win a contract = to be successful in tendering for a contract the company announced that it had won a contract worth £25m to supply buses and trucks

NOTE : winning - won

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