Synonyms & Antonyms : Wide


( Adjective )

Keep the doors
wide open.







Contextual Examples:

The stream is
expansive for the water carried. Hence it is not deep.

spacious bungalow belongs to the state government. It is used as a guest house.

large crowd gathered at the boat club to listen to the esteemed opposition leader.

This article gives a
broad outline of the agreement reached between India and the USSR.

The agreement provides for
extensive cooperation between the two counties in science, trade and economic fields.









Contextual Examples:

narrow lane connects the two main roads in the city.

The houses built in this colony are
cramped and unventilated.

The development here is
confined to the provision of drinking water and electricity. There are no good roads, streets or sanitation.

This lake is
circumscribed by a wide road on all sides.

The children are
close to each other in young age.

I have only a
limited use for my truck. Shall I hire it to other farmers?

Mine is a very
small house a bed cum-drawing room; a kitchen and a bathroom.

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