Synonyms & Antonyms : Wild


( Adjective )

He was
wild with anger.






Rude violent



Contextual Examples:

The tiger is a
ferocious animal.

There was a
fierce battle at Panipat between the Muslim invaders and the Rajputs in the beginning of the 11th century AD.

The priest’s murder was condemned as

savage activities of the dacoits have frightened the villagers of the region.

Students were involved in
violent clashes with the police.






Contextual Examples:

Cow is the
gentlest animal in the world.

timid behavior of the policeman encouraged the robbers to slip away.

The Camel is
harmless animal. It has been tamed to be useful in deserts.

Marc and Suzie have had an unhappy married life as Suzie has proved too
domesticated for Christopher’s ideals of a married woman.

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