Wish of The Lion

Wish of The Lion :

Once, a fierce lion lived in a forest. A woodcutter with his wife and their beautiful daughter Rupa lived in a small hut by the edge of the forest. One time the lion happened to see Rupa. He was so captivated by her beauty that he wished to make her his wife.

So the lion went to the woodcutter's hut and roared loudly. "Woodcutter, I want to marry your daughter Rupa. If you refuse I will kill you all."

The woodcutter said, "Let me ask my daughter first."

He went inside the hut and came out a few minutes later. Then he said, "Rupa is scared of your sharp teeth and claws. She said if you would cut them off, she will agree to be your wife."

Without any further thought, the lion got his teeth and laws removed. Without the claws and teeth, the lion was now no longer powerful. Even the woodcutter was not afraid of him anymore.

He began to beat the lion with a heavy stick. Unable to attack back, the lion ran to the forest and never came back.

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