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Working : adjective :

(a) (person) who works

• The working population of a country

Working Partner = partner who works in a partnership

Working Party = group of experts who study a problem

• The government set up a working party to examine the problem of computers in schools.

(b) referring to work

Working Capital = capital in cash and stocks needed for a company to be able to work

Working Conditions = general state of the place where people work (if it is hot, noisy, dark, dangerous, etc.)

The Normal Working Week = the usual number of hours worked per week

• Even though he is a freelance, he works a normal working week.

Workforce : noun : all the workers (in an office or factory)

Workload : noun : amount of work which a person has to do

• He has difficulty in coping with his heavy workload.

Workman : noun : man who works with his hands

NOTE : Plural is workmen.

Work Out : verb : to calculate

• He worked out the costs on the back of an envelope.

• He worked out the discount at 15%.

• She worked out the discount on her calculator.

• He is working out his notice. (He is working during the time between resigning and actually leaving the company.)

Workplace : noun : place where you work

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