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World : noun :

(a) the earth

• The world market for steel = the possible sales of steel in the whole world

• He has world rights to a product = he has the right to sell the product anywhere in the world

(b) people in a particular business or people with a special interest

• The world of big business

• The world of publishing

• The publishing world

• The world of lawyers

• The legal world

World Bank : noun : central bank controlled by the United Nations whose funds come from the member states of the UN and which lends money to member states

Worldwide : adjective & adverb : everywhere in the world

• The company has a worldwide network of distributors.

• World-wide sales

• Sales worldwide have topped two million units.

• This make of computer is available worldwide.

QUOTE : The EC pays farmers 27 cents a pound for sugar and sells it on the world market for 5 cents. (Duns Business Month)

QUOTE : Manufactures and services were the fastest growing sectors of world trade. (Australian Financial Review)

Worth : adjective : having a value or a price

• Do not get it repaired. It is worth only £25.

• The car is worth £6,000 on the second-hand market.

• He is worth £10m = his property or investments etc. would sell for £ 10m.

• What is ten pounds worth in dollars?

NOTE : Always follows the verb to be.

Worth : noun : value

• Give me ten pounds worth of petrol.

Worthless : adjective : having no value

• The cheque is worthless if it is not signed.

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