Written Expression

There is no need for an introduction for this section
Written Expression. As English Structure, this section also tests your knowledge on the basics of English Grammar.

The commom instructions for the questions in this section:

Each sentence below has four
underlined words or phrases. The four parts are marked A, B, C and D.Identify the one underlined part that must be changed in order for the sentence to be a correct one.



has been hoped(A) for a raise for(B) the last six months, but(C) his boss is reluctant to give him one(D).


This sentence has an error relating to the form of the verb that has been used. The grammatical form of the verb
hope are has hoped and has been hoping. The phrase has been hoped is grammatically unacceptable and it must be replaced by one of the two forms mentioned above.

The correct sentence is:

He has been hoping for a raise for the last six months, but his boss is reluctant to give him one.

So, (A) is the answer.

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