a brick short of a load

a brick short of a load

(of a person) stupid – informal

This is one of a number of humorous variations on the theme of someone not possessing their proper share of brains or intelligence

Related Idioms and Phrases :

a breed apart

a kind of person or thing that is very different from the norm

a dying breed

A kind of person that is slowly disappearing.

come down like a ton of bricks

exert crushing weight, force or authority against someone - informal

come up against a brick wall = hit a brick wall

encounter an insuperable problem or obstacle while trying to do something.

make bricks without straw

try to accomplish something without proper or adequate material, equipment or information

The allusion here is to Exodus 5 : 6 – 19 where without straw meant without having straw provided as the Israelites were required to gather straw for themselves in order to make the bricks required by their Egyptian taskmasters. A misinterpretation has led to the current sense.

a brick short of a load :

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