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a fair deal

a fair deal

equitable treatment


fair and square

with absolute accuracy.

honestly and straightforwardly

a fair crack of the whip

fair treatment

a chance to participate or compete on equal terms - British informal

1989 - T. M. Albert - Tales of the Ulster Detective – You might think that the police concocted the circumstances to deny these men a fair crack of the whip.

fair dinkum

genuine or true

(of behaviour) acceptable - Australian & New Zealand – informal

As a noun dinkum, recorded from the late 19th century. was an English dialect word meaning hard work, honest toil. It now mainly features as an adjective in various Australian and New Zealand expressions.

fair dos

used to request just treatment or to accept that it has been given - British informal

a fair field and no favour

equal conditions in a contest

fair play to someone

used as an expression of approval when someone has done something praiseworthy or the right thing under the circumstances

fair's fair

used to request just treatment or assert that an arrangement is just – informal

2000 - Sallee Vickers - Miss Garnet's Angel Jonah - the wandering prophet, reminded her too much of her father. ‘He was a bit of a misery, wasn't he?’ But then, fair’s fair, living in the belly of a whale must give one a different point of view.

for fair

completely and finally - US informal

1997 - John Barth - The Sot-Weed Factor - And when the matter of hostages arose, the mother had said ’Pray God they will take Harry, for then we’d be quit of him for fair and not a penny poorer.’

it is a fair cop

an admission that the speaker has been caught doing wrong and deserves punishment

no fair

unfair (often used in or as a petulant protestation) - North American informal

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