A Trip to Mount Abu

A Trip to Mount Abu :

Some Excerpts From Parul's Diary

Do you have a diary? Do you make an entry in your diary every day?
What do you write in your diary?
Why do people write a diary?

A diary is a record of personal experiences written day after day over a period of time. You can use a diary to note down things you plan to do immediately or in the future. Here are some entries from Parul's diary.

11 June – 2011

Today, after dinner, we all excitedly decided to go to Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, for a tour. Nikhil had to find out about the place, particularly the weather conditions there, as Mother would not like to go when it was very cold.

12 June - 2011

We were watching TV when Nikhil informed us that Mount Abu is 490 kilometres from Jaipur. It is well linked by bus and train. From Abu Road we would have to travel by bus. The weather is pleasant from February to June and September to December.

Next we finalised the dates of our tour – 15 to 17 June, 2011 being the most suitable. Pallavi had the responsibility of booking the bus and train tickets, and Surbhi of booking two rooms. The other arrangements were left to Nikhil.

13 June – 2011

We were busy till late at night, packing and preparing snacks to carry along with us.

14 June – 2011

We left for the railway station, took our seats in the train, and were told by Mother to watch over our luggage. We had a fun-filled journey.

15 June – 2011

We were greeted by John, the hotel taxi driver at the Abu Road Railway Station gate, who put our baggage in the taxi. I sat by the driver. We journeyed through a winding road; the climb is marked by sharp turns and pretty scenery, with trees and small streams.

John informed us that the people of Mount Abu speak Hindi, Gujarati and also English as it is a popular tourist place.

We were given our room numbers when we reached the hotel. We got ready and the hotel guide, Hamid was waiting at the Reception to take us to Sunset Point which was very crowded. He found us a place from where we could have a good view of the setting sun. The sun looks like an orange ball hanging in the sky, before it finally sets. It was indeed a breathtaking view.

Our second spot was Nakki Lake, which is the centre of Mount Abu and is set between hills. It is said to have been dug out by the fingernails of the gods. This is the only man-made lake in India which is 1200 metres above sea level. Instruments used for digging the lake have been found here. A park and the 14th century Raghunath Temple stand on the bank of the river.

Surbhi, Nikhil and I enjoyed a boat ride. I went horse riding as well, not realising that it is not easy to ride a horse. We were all very tired and hungry when we reached the hotel. After dinner, everybody soon fell sleep.

16 June – 2011

It was a bright morning. After breakfast, Hamid asked John to take us to the Museum and Art Gallery, a twenty-minute drive from our hotel. This is located at Raj Bhavan, and has a collection of 8th and 12th century AD objects, bronze and brass carvings, statues, etc. We left for Gaumukh after spending more than an hour and a half in the Art Gallery.

A metalled road from Nakki Lake took us to Gaumukh, which is quite close. First, there is an upward climb for Gaumukh, followed by a sudden downward slope. At the bottom is an old tank, which is supplied water from a cowhead-shaped spout, which is why it is called 'Gaumukh'.

Before returning to the hotel, we went to Guru Shikar. The peak is 5,650 feet above sea level and 400 feet higher than any other peak in Abu. The view from the top is very impressive. By now, everybody was feeling tired, so we returned to our hotel, and fell asleep after dinner.

17 June - 2011

Today was the last day of our trip. Hamid took us to some beautifully laid parks and gardens like Ashok Vatika, Gandhi Park, Saitan Singh Park and terraced gardens, which are spread throughout the hilly paradise.

At Nakki Lake, Hamid told us about the Nun and Toad Rocks. The rock looks like a toad, hence the name Toad Rock.

On reaching Nakki Lake, we enjoyed shopping for gifts for our friends. We had plenty to choose from - dresses, leather goods, decorative pieces, jewellery, toys and many such items. Two hours later, Hamid reminded us that it was time to start back for the hotel.

We thanked John and Hamid at the hotel for their invaluable services and for making our trip an unforgettable one.

We checked out at 5 a.m. early the next day to catch a bus to Abu Road, and from there we took a train at 3 o'clock for Jaipur. And of course, all the way we couldn't stop talking about the beauty of Mount Abu.

Adapted from Visit Rajasthan Pictorial Travel Book

A Trip to Mount Abu :

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