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ade, ada, ad & ata

ROOT-WORDS are of the Suffix AD. The French spell it ADE: the Italian is ATA: the Spanish is ADA. It means ACTION or the RESULT OF ACTION. This Suffix is used as an ending for many different kinds of words.

1. Brigade : brig ADE (brig ade’) n.

Troops consisting of two regiments and headquarters

2. Parade : par ADE (pa rade’) n.

A march for show; as, a cricus parade

3. Cavalcade : ecavalc ADE (kar al kade’) n.

A parade of horsemen on the march

4. Chiliad : chili AD (kil’ ee ad) n.

A thousand; a period of a thousand years

5. Dryad : dry AD (drie’ ad) n.

A wood nymph

6. Decade : dec ADE (dek’ ade) n.

A period of ten years

7. Blockade : block ADE (blo kade’) n.

The act of isolating an enemy during war

8. Fusillade : fusill ADE (fyu si lade’) n.

Rapid discharges of many firearms at the sometimes

9. Limeade : lime ADE (lime ade’) n.

A beverage produced by mixing lime, sugar and water

10. Hebdomad : hebdom AD (heb’ do mad) n.

The number seven; as, seven days a week

11. Lemonade : lemon ADE (lem o nade’) n.

A beverage produced by mixing lemon, sugar and water

12. Monad : mon AD (moe’ nad) n.

A unit; an individual; an atom

13. Myriad : myri AD (myr’ ee ad) n.

A collective number; ten thousand

14. Promenade : promen ADE (prom e nade’) n.

A public place for a leisurely walk

15. Serenade : seren ADE (ser’ e nade) n.

A love song in the evening

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