Adjectives :

An adjective is a describing word. It tells you more about a noun. An adjective usually appears before the noun it describes. Sometimes, though, the adjective appears after the noun, later in the sentence.

a smart dog
an old building
a busy street
a dark corner
a deep sea
a large bed
a tall basketball player
a low fence

It is windy.
John’s handwriting is very neat.
The sea is rough.
All the players are very tall.
The baby’s hands are very small.
Sue’s drawing is beautiful.
That problem is too difficult.
Peter is very quiet today.
There is an empty room upstairs.
It’s a hot summer.
You are so kind.
Don’t be crazy.
This park is clean and green.
Many people exercise to keep healthy.
I think these eggs are rotten.
We are all bored. There isn’t anything to do.
The pupils don’t find the joke amusing.
James was absent because he was ill.
The ice cream is very sweet.
It’s very hot in summer.
The company is giving away free gifts to its customers.
They live in a large house.
Jean is wearing a short skirt.
The climbers are climbing up a high mountain.
These puppies are very large.
Many poor people have no home.

Adjectives :

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