Know Your Next Word : adverse

20. adverse :

adjective :

unfavorable, antagonistic

usage :

• Airplanes often don't fly in adverse weather.

• We had to play our soccer match under adverse conditions. It was snowing and only three members of our team had bothered to show up.

• An airplane that took off in bad weather and reached its destination safely would be said to have overcome adversity.

Adversity means misfortune or unfavorable circumstances. To do something in the face of adversity is to undertake a task despite obstacles. Some people are at their best in adversity, because they rise to the occasion.

• A word often confused with adverse is averse. The two are related but they don't mean quite the same thing. A person who is averse to doing something is a person who doesn't want to do it. To be averse to something is to be opposed to doing it, to have an aversion to doing it.

adverse circumstances

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