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ROOT-WORDS are the Prefix AMB & AMBI which mean AROUND, ABOUT & BOTH. It comes from the Latin ambo, ambio & ambitio. This last, which is the basis for No. 4 and No. 5, means “a going about," especially by candidates who solicit votes. It seems that our election campaigns have a long and honorable lineage.

1. Amble : AMB le (am’ b’l) V.

Walk leisurely about

2. Ambidexter : AMBI dexter (am bi dek’ ster) n.

One who uses both hands with skill

3. Ambidextrous : AMBI dextrous (am bi dek’ strus) adj.

Using both hands with skill

4. Ambition : AMBI tion (am bish’ un) n.

Eagerness for achievement and honor

5. Ambitious : AMBI tious (am bish’ us) adj.

Eager for achievement and honor

6. Ambiguity : AMBI guity (am bi gyue’ it ee) n.

The quality of uncertainty in meaning

7. Ambiguous : AMBI guous (am big’ yu us) adj.

Having a double meaning; as, an ambiguous word

8. Ambiparous : AMBI parous (am bip’ a rus) adj.

Having both leaves and flowers

9. Ambit : AMBI t (am’ bit) n.

Bounds set up extending to the limit of a place

10. Ambient : AMBI ent (am’ bee ent) adj.

Moving around; surrounding on all sides; as, the ambient air

11. Ambilateral : AMBI lateral (am bi lat’ er al) adj.

Relating to both sides; bilateral

12. Ambivalence : AMBI valence (am biv’ a lens) n.

Repulsion and attraction to an object at the same time

13. Ambivalent : AMBI valent (am biv’ a lent) adj.

Repelled and attracted at the same time

14. Ambivert : AMBI vert (am’ bi vert) n.

A person whose nature combines those of the introvert and extrovert

15. Ambisinister : AMBI sinister (am bi sin’ is ter) adj.

Left-handed; clumsy with both hand

16. Ambitendencey : AMBI tendency (am bi ten’ den) n.

A case of having both tendency and countertendency

17. Amburbial : AMB urbial (am bur’ bi al) adj.

Relating to a circuit of a city

18. Perambulator : per AMB ulator (pe ram’ byu late or) n.

One who travels around; baby carriage

19. Ambulance : AMB ulance (am’ byu lans) n.

A vehicle to transport the injured

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