An Ideal Child

An Ideal Child :

What should A Child always remember?

The necessity of an absolute sincerity…

The certitude of Truth’s final victory…

The possibility of constant progress with the will to achieve.

An Ideal Child….

An Ideal Child is good-tempered. He does not become angry when things seem to go against him or decisions are not in his favour.

An Ideal Child is game. Whatever he does he does it to the best of his capacity and keeps on doing in the face of almost certain failure. He always thinks straight and acts straight.

An Ideal Child is truthful. He never fears to say the truth whatever may be the consequences,.

An Ideal Child is patient. He does not get disheartened it he has to wait a long time to see the results of his efforts.

An Ideal Child is enduring. He faces the inevitable difficulties and sufferings without grumbling.

An Ideal Child is persevering. He never slackens his effort however long it has to last.

An Ideal Child is poised. He keeps equanimity in success as well as in failure.

An Ideal Child is courageous. He always goes on fighting for the final victory though he may meet with many defeats.

An Ideal Child is cheerful. He knows how to smile and keep a happy heart in all circumstances.

An Ideal Child is modest. He does not become conceited over his success neither does he feel himself superior to his comrades.

An Ideal Child is generous. He appreciates the merits of others and is always ready to help another to succeed.

An Ideal Child is fair and obedient. He observes the discipline and is always honest.

The ideal child….

The ideal child likes to study when he is in school.

The ideal child likes to play when he is in the playground.

The ideal child likes to eat at meal-time.

The ideal child likes to sleep at bed-time.

The ideal child is full of love for all those around him.

The ideal child is full of confidence in the divine Grace.

The ideal child is full of deep respect for the Divine.

An Ideal Child :

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