The Gardener :  An Unbelieving Smile

The Gardener : An Unbelieving Smile

An unbelieving smile flits on your
eyes when I come to you to take my

I have done it so often that you
think I will soon return.

To tell you the truth I have the
same doubt in my mind.

For the spring days come again
time after time; the full moon takes
leave and comes on another visit,
the flowers come again and blush
upon their branches year after year,
and it is likely that I take my leave
only to come to you again.

But keep the illusion awhile; do
not send it away with ungentle

When I say I leave you for all
time, accept it as true, and let a
mist of tears for one moment deepen
the dark rim of your eyes.

Then smile as archly as you like
when I come again.

BY Rabindranath Tagore

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The Gardener : An Unbelieving Smile

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