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ROOT-WORDS are ANTI & ANT, the Prefixes which mean AGAINST. In the first six words on the list the I is dropped from ANTI to avoid using two vowels together. In No. 8, the h is joined with the t. Others have the full ANTI before a consonant. Don’t confuse ANTI with ANTE which means something entirely different, as you well know.

1. Antacid : ANT acid (ant as’ id) n.

A remedy for acidity of the stomach; a counteracting agent

2. Antagonism : ANT agonism (an tag’ o niz um) n.

A strong feeling against a person or an idea

3. Antalkaline : ANT alkaline (ant al’ ka line) adj.

An agent against alkalinity

4. Antapology : ANT apology (ant a pol’ o ji) n.

A reply to an apology

5. Antarchism : ANT archaism (ant’ ar kiz um) n.

Antagonism to government

6. Antarctic : ANT arctic (ant ark’ tik) n.

The opposite of the North Pole; the South Pole

7. Antephialtic : ANT ephialtic (and ef i al’ tik) adj.

Preventing nightmares

8. Anthelmintic : ANT helmintic (ant hel mint’ ik) adj.

Expelling worms from the system

9. Antibiosis : ANTI biosis (anti i bi o’ sis) n.

Antagonism between organisms in the body

10. Antibody : ANTI bodi (ant’ i bode e) n.

A substance in the body which opposes foreign substances

11. Antibromic : ANTI bromic (an ti bro’ mik) adj.


12. Anticlimax : ANTI climax (ant i kile’ maks) n.

The movement from a great event to one of lesser importance; a let down

13. Anticoagulant : ANTI coagulant (ant i ko ag’ yu lant) adj.

Hindering the coagulation of the blood

14. Antidote : ANTI dote (ant’ i dote) n.

A remedy against a poison

15. Antifreeze : ANTI freeze (ant i freze’) n.

A substance which slows up the process of freezing

16. Antisepsis : ANTI sepsis (ant i sep’ sis) n.

Prevention of infection; acting like an antiseptic

17. Antitoxin : ANTI toxin (ant i tok’ sin) n.

An agent which counteracts poison in the body

18. Antipathy : ANTI pathy (an tip’ a thee) n.

A strong feeling of dislike

19. Antipodes : ANTI podes (an tip’ o deze) n.

Parts of the world which are opposite to each other

20. Antithesis : ANTI thesis (an tith’ e sis) n.

A contrast of ideas

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