be out to get someone

be out to get someone

be determined to punish or harm someone


as soon as all get out

to a great or extreme extent - North American informal

1990 - M. Scott Peck - A Bed by the Window – She could be as huffy as all get out.

do not get mad get even

used to advise in favour of revenge rather than fruitless rage – informal

This expression was a saying popularized by the US president John F. Kennedy who called it that wonderful law of the Boston Irish political jungle.

1998 - New Scientist - The Welcome Trust doesn't get mad, it gets even.

get it together

get yourself or a situation organized or under control - informal

get up and go

energy, enthusiasm and initiative – informal

A mid 19th-century US colloquialism was get up and get.

get your own back

have your revenge

retaliate - British informal

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