boys in blue

boys in blue

policemen and the police – informal

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boys will be boys

childish, irresponsible or mischievous behaviour is typical of boys or young men – proverb

jobs for the boys

used in reference to the practice of giving paid employment to your friends, supporters or relations – British derogatory

2002 - Guardian - The James Report found the unit operated a jobs for the boys recruitment policy favouring Reed's friends and political acquaintances.

the old boy network

mutual assistance especially preferment in employment, shown among those with a shared social and educational background

one of the boys

accepted by a group of men

sort out the men from the boys

show or prove which people in a group are truly competent, brave or mature.

1968 - House b Garden - The Dry Martini is a drink that will quickly separate the men from the boys and the girls from their principles.

boys in blue :

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