Know Your Next Word : bureaucracy

15. bureaucracy :

noun :

a system of government administration consisting of numerous bureaus or offices, especially one run according to inflexible and inefficiency, lots of rules, and red tape

usage :

  • promised to reorganize the federal bureaucracy

  • The new department head did not know much about bureaucracy.

  • a midlevel manager in a corporate bureaucracy.

  • innovative ideas that get bogged down in red tape and bureaucracy.

  • The new department head did not know much about bureaucracy.

    The Department of Motor Vehicles is a bureaucracy. Every clerk you speak with hands you a printed form and tells you to stand in line some - where else. No one can answer your entire question. At lunchtime, when the lines are longest, half the clerks disappear. The forms you have to fill out all request unnecessary information. After you finally get everything all filled out and handed in, you don't hear another word form the Department for many months.

    The People who work in a bureaucracy are called bureaucrats. These People and the inefficient Procedures they follow might be called bureaucratic. Administrative systems outside the government can be bureaucratic, too. A high school principal who required teachers and students to fill out forms for everything might be called bureaucratic.

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