capit & capt

ROOT-WORDS are CAPIT & CAPT which mean HEAD, CHIEF & LEADER. It comes from the Latin word caput meaning head. No. 15 needs to explain its presence in this list. The rancher’s wealth, or CAPital, depends on the head of cattle he has. Now, if you can imagine him talking about his capital investment in cattle, while, perhaps, he is chewing at a plug of tobacco, the word CAPital can come out C**T*L. Try it.

1. Capital : CAPIT al (kap’ it al) n.

Amount of accumulated goods; also property; money

2. Capitalize : CAPIT alize (kap’ it al ize) v.

Convert into capital; make a profit

3. Capitate : CAPIT ate (kap’ i tate) adj.

Forming a head; suddenly enlarged

4. Decapitate : de CAPIT ate (de kap’ i tate) v.

Cut the head off

5. Capitation : CAPIT ation (kap i tay’ shun) n.

A tax imposed by the numbering of heads; poll tax

6. Capital : CAPIT of (kap’ it ol ) n.

The chief building in Washington in which Congress holds sessions

7. Capitoline : CAPIT oline (kap’ it o line) n.

The smallest of the seven hills upon which Rome stands

8. Capitular : CAPIT ular (ka pich’ u lar) adj.

Relating to a heading, a chapter, or a section of abook

9. Capitulate : CAPIT ulate (ka pich’ u late) v.

To surrender; to give up, as it were, the head

10. Capitulation : CAPIT ulation (ka pich u lay’ shun) n.

The surrender

11. Captain : CAPT ain (kap’ tin) n.

The head; the chief; as, the rank of capitain

12. Captaincy : CAPT aincy (kap’ tin see) n.

Rank or commission of captain

13. Caption : CAPT ion (kap’ shun) n.

The heading of a chapter

14. Cap a pie : CAP a pie (kap a pee’) adv.

(French) From head to foot

15. Cattle : CA (P)T tle (kat’ ‘l) n.

Animals; the rancher’s chief property is cattle

16. Recapitulate : re CAPIT ulate (ree ka pich’ u late) v.

To repeat or restate briefly

17. Recapitulation : CAPIT ulation (ree ka pich u lay’ shun) n.

The act of repeating or restating briefly

18. Recapitalize : re CAPIT alize (reekap’ it alize) v.

To change the capital of

19. Decapitation : de CAPIT ation (de kap i tay’ shun) n.

The act of decapitating

20. Per capita : per CAPIT a (per kap’ it a) adv.

(Latin) By each head; equally to each and every individual

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