cause,cuse & cus

These ROOT-WORDS are CAUSE, CUSE & CUS which comesfrom the Latin causa, meaning CAUSE & MOTIVE. It is very simple and retains its original form and meaning. Notice in the pronunciation guide that the s has the sound of z as well as s. Remember which is which.

1. Cause : CAUSE (kauz) v.

To make happen

2. Because : be CAUSE (be kauz’) conj.

For that reason

3. Accusable : as CUS able (a kyuz’ a b’l) adj.

Can be accused of wrong-doing

4. Accusative : ac CUS ative (a kyu’ zat iv) adj.

Producing accusations; accusatory

5. Accuser : ac CUSE r (a kyu’ zer) n.

One who charges another with wrong-doing

6. Accusatory : ac CUS atory (a kyu’ za tore ee) adj.

In the nature of an accusation; as, accusatory evidence

7. Excuse : ex CUSE (ek skyuze’) v.

To attempt to remove the blame; exonerate

8. Excuse : ex CUSE (ek skyus’) n.

The reason for an action

9. Excusator : ex CUS ator (eks kue zay’ tor) n.

An apologist

10. Excusive : ex CUS ive (eks kue’ siv) adj.

Inclined to excuse; to exonerate

11. Cause : CAUSE (kauz) n.

Reason; motive; as, cause for murder

12. Causation : CAUS ation (kau zay’ shun) n.

The act of causing; motivation

13. Causeless : CAUSE less (kauz’ les) adj.

Without reason; as, causeless hatred

14. Causable : CAUS able (kauz’ a b’l) adj.

Can be caused

15. Causal : CAUS al (kau’ zal) adj.

Relating to motive

16. Causality : CAUS ality (kau zal’ it ee) n.

Agency; connection between two traders

17. Accuse : ac CUSE (a kyuz’) v.

To charge with wrong-doing; to blam

18. Accusation : ac CUS ation (ak yu zay’ shun) n.

A charge of wrong-doing; as, an accusation of theft

19. Excusable : ex CUS able (ek skyu’ za b’l) adj.

Can be excused

20. Inexcusable : inex CUS able (in ek skyu’ za b’l) adj.

Cannot be excused

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