Clauses of Comparison

Clauses of Comparison :

An adverbial clause introduced by AS IF may express comparison.

1. You speak as if you were angry.
2. He breathes as if he were exhausted.
3. She cared for me as if I had been her son.

AS THOUGH is also used. But AS IF is now preferred by most writers.

The subjunctive were, not the indicative was, is used after AS IF.

As and than, as subordinate conjunctions, introduce clauses of comparison or degree.

1. You are as old as he [is].
2. I am younger than you [are].
3. He weighs as much as I [weigh].
4. I pity you more than [I pity] her.

When the verb is omitted, the substantive that follows as or than is in the same case in which it would stand if the verb were expressed. Thus…..

1. You are stronger than he. [Not: than him.]

2. I see you oftener than him. [Not: than he.]

3. He plays a better game than I. [Not: than me.]

4. They will miss John more than me. [That is: more than they miss me.]

Clauses of Comparison :

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