Know Your Next Word : clock

15. clock :

verb & noun :

1. an instrument for measuring and recording time, esp. by mechanical means, usually with hands or changing numbers to indicate the hour and minute : not designed to be worn or carried about

2. a meter or other device, as a speedometer or taximeter, for measuring and recording speed, distance covered or other quantitative functioning

3. to time, test or determine by means of a clock or watch

4. to begin work, esp. by punching a time clock

usage :

  • He clocked out early yesterday.

  • Somebody clocked him on the face.

  • clocked the winds at 60 miles per hour.

  • clocks in at 8 A.M. and out at 4 P.M.

  • The data must be stable 10ns before you clock the latch.

  • The racehorse was clocked at two minutes thirty seconds.

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