Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns :

Collective nouns are words for groups of people, animals or things. These are nouns for groups of people.

Here are some more groups of people.

an audience
a gang
a band
a group
a choir
a team
a class
a family
a crew
an orchestra

Many collective nouns can be used with a singular or plural verb.

Example :

My family was happy to see me.


My family were happy to see me.

But the following collective nouns always take a plural verb.

the police

Here are more collective nouns that are used for groups of people, animals or things.

Here are some more collective nouns.

a bunch of keys
a class of pupils
a collection of books
a deck of cards
a fleet of ships
a flock of sheep
a gaggle of geese
a gang of robbers
a herd of cattle
a litter of cubs
a pod of whales
a pack of wolves
a pride of lions
a band of musicians
a school of fish
a brood of chickens
a team of players
a flight of steps
a set of stamps
a swarm of bees
a troupe of actors
a flight of geese
a flock of sheep
a herd of cattle
a string of horses

One day a pack of coyotes tried to attack his animals. Farmer John yelled and waved a pitchfork to frighten them away.

Collective Nouns :

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