come back to earth

come back to earth = come back down to earth = bring someone back to earth = bring someone back down to earth

return or make someone return suddenly to reality after a period of daydreaming or euphoria

2003 - Guardian - When you start to believe you're in with a shout, the big boys have a nasty habit of bringing you down to earth with a bump.


cost the earth = charge the earth = pay the earth

cost {or charge or pay) a large amount of money - British informal

the earth moved = did the earth move for you?

you had {or did you have?) an orgasm – humorous

go to earth

go into hiding

Go to earth is used literally of a hunted animal hiding in a burrow or earth.

like nothing on earth

very strange – informal

1994 - Mixmag - Once in a blue moon, a record tumbles down from the vinyl mountain that sounds like nothing on earth and completely knocks you for six.

promise someone the earth = promise someone the moon

promise something that is unattainable – British

1998 - New Scientist - Scientists tend to promise taxpayers the moon and then not deliver.

run someone to earth = run something to earth

find someone or something usually after a long search

This is an idiom from hunting, especially foxhunting…its literal meaning being chase a hunted animal to its lair and corner it there.

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