Comparison Constructions

Comparison Constructions :

1. as....... as

Mona expressed her opinion as clearly as she could.
You like him as much as I.
You like him as much as me.
Ali did not do so hard as his sister.
You do not try so much as you ought to.

2. Than

We came rather than he did.
I write more than he does.
I know you better than him.
I know you better than he.
I like you no better than him.
I like you no better than he.

3. Superlative adv + of all

Hasan reads fastest of all.
Hasan likes reading best of all.

4. more

Do you want more sugar?
We need more workers.
We need more cooperation.
Hany likes summer more than winter.
Maha must attend to her work more.
The story gets more and more exciting.
Life is becoming more and more difficult.

5. The.......the

The more leisure he has the happier he is.
The bigger the car is the more money it well cost.
The earlier you start the earlier you will arrive.
The sooner the better.

Comparison Constructions :

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