Continuous Tense

Continuous Tense :

  1. He is calculating the sum.
  2. He is celebrating Diwali.
  3. He is damaging the door.
  4. He is dividing the property.
  5. He is ensuring me.
  6. He is excusing me.
  7. He is forcing me.
  8. He is gaming at me.
  9. He is heaving a sigh of relief.
  10. He is hiring a taxi.
  11. He is ignoring my request.
  12. He is imagining a lot.
  13. He is investigating the case.
  14. He is inviting us.
  15. He is judging correctly.
  16. He is liking coffee.

  17. I am calculating the money.
  18. I am celebrating Pongal.
  19. I am damaging the window.
  20. I am dividing the poem.
  21. I am ensuring you.
  22. I am excusing you.
  23. I am forcing you.
  24. I am gaming at you.
  25. I am heaving a sigh of relief.
  26. I am hiring a car.
  27. I am ignoring your idea.
  28. I am imagining a lot.
  29. I am investigating the case.
  30. I am inviting you.
  31. I am judging properly.
  32. I am liking juice.

  33. She is calculating the price.
  34. She is celebrating Ramzan.
  35. She is damaging the glass.
  36. She is dividing the sheet.
  37. She is ensuring him.
  38. She is excusing him.
  39. She is forcing him.
  40. She is gaming at him.
  41. She is heaving a sigh of relief.
  42. She is hiring an auto.
  43. She is ignoring my opinion.
  44. She is imagining a lot.
  45. She is investigating the case.
  46. She is inviting me.
  47. She is judging accurately.
  48. She is liking tea.

  49. They are calculating the price.
  50. They are celebrating Party.
  51. They are damaging the house.
  52. They are dividing the money.
  53. They are ensuring us.
  54. They are excusing us.
  55. They are forcing us.
  56. They are gaming at us.
  57. They are heaving a sigh of relief.
  58. They are hiring a building.
  59. They are ignoring our suggestions.
  60. They are imagining a lot.
  61. They are investigating the case.
  62. They are inviting us.
  63. They are judging occasionally.
  64. They are liking buttermilk.

  65. We are calculating the price.
  66. We are celebrating New Year.
  67. We are damaging the parcel.
  68. We are dividing the chocolate.
  69. We are ensuring them.
  70. We are excusing them.
  71. We are forcing her.
  72. We are gaming at them.
  73. We are heaving a sigh of relief.
  74. We are hiring a jewel.
  75. We are ignoring their suggestions.
  76. We are imagining a lot.
  77. We are investigating the case.
  78. We are inviting you.
  79. We are judging rarely.
  80. We are liking dosai.

  81. You are calculating the cost.
  82. You are celebrating Christmas.
  83. You are damaging the cup.
  84. You are dividing the packet.
  85. You are ensuring her.
  86. You are excusing her.
  87. You are forcing them.
  88. You are gaming at me.
  89. You are heaving a sigh of relief.
  90. You are hiring a house.
  91. You are ignoring his idea.
  92. You are imagining a lot.
  93. You are investigating the case.
  94. You are inviting them.
  95. You are judging formally.
  96. You are liking vada.

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