cook the books

cook the books

alter records, especially accounts, with fraudulent intent or in order to mislead – informal

Cook has been used since the mid 17th century in this figurative sense of tamper with or manipulate.

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cook on the front burner

be on the right lines

be on the way to rapid success – North American informal

Another version of this phrase is cook with gas.

cook his goose

spoil someone's plans

cause someone's downfall – informal

The underlying idea of this phrase seems to be that a goose was cherished and fattened up for a special occasion and therefore to cook it prematurely meant to spoil the plans for a feast.

too many cooks spoil the broth

if too many people are involved in a task or activity, it will not be done well. – proverb

1997 - Times - Too many cooks spoil the broth and at Apple there is now the equivalent of Marco Pierre White, Anton Mosimann and Nico Ladenis.

cook the books :

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