Creating a Society of Living in Harmony in the 21st Century

Creating a Society of Living in Harmony in the 21st Century :

In the course of one's existence, one is constantly striving to achieve the pinnacle of their abilities, a certain excellence within themselves and a balance between themselves and their society. Unfortunately, as we near the end of the millennium, society is failing to provide us with the appropriate means in order to realize that goal. So as we prepare for the next century, we must recognize that there are many problems that we must alleviate before this world can become a better place.

It may well be that the nation cannot survive - as a decent place to live, as a world-class power or even as a democracy - with such high rates of children growing into adulthood unprepared to parent, unprepared to be productively employed and unprepared to share in the mainstream aspirations.

Various programs are springing up to help children. However, like the welfare program, for the most part these programs are aimed at alleviating symptoms rather than correcting the cause of the problems.

More prisons, more policemen, gun control, the FBI and V-chips to block violent programs on TV will never stop crime and violence. When we devote time, money and effort toward problems and symptoms - without correcting the cause - the problems and symptoms grow and spread like creeping crab grass.

But as an individual, what can one do? The answer is simple. All one has to do is love. Love is the solution to all of the social problems in our society. Adequate love will eliminate evil, crime, violence, mental suffering, the suffering of innocent children, dysfunctional families, the break-up of families, restlessness, discontent, unhappiness - all that is ugly, deplorable, and destructive. But before one can love others, one must learn to love himself. One cannot love himself until he frees himself from fear and false beliefs.

One is not free until he discovers that is truth that sets us free from those fears and false beliefs. And it is that truth that has the power to render our families loving, happy, harmonious, functional and stable. Truth has the power to obliterate all social problems ... crime, violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, drug abuse, etc.

Love and truth are intertwined. We cannot live in harmony with truth without being loving and we cannot love unconditionally without being in agreement with truth. To discover truth, one needs not learn anything new. One needs only to unlearn obscure, fearful false beliefs. Truth remains when one frees himself from fears and false beliefs. To put it another way, when we rid ourselves of false beliefs, what we believe is true.

When enough people learn how and where to discover truth, in due time, love, joy, peace and harmony will reign on this planet. Crime, violence, mental suffering, the break-up of families, child abuse, spousal abuse, drug abuse -- all that is ugly and deplorable – will cease, and this planet will be the utopia it was always meant to be.

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Creating a Society of Living in Harmony in the 21st Century :

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