ROOT-WORD is CRED which means BELIEVE. It is easy to see that our ROOT-WORD ring is filling up. Many of the words on the list are made with review ROOT-WORDS. That is proof that the vocabulary is growing richer and that you know, at sight, the meanings of new words.

1. Credo : CRED o (kreed’ o) n.

A set of opinions; a creed

2. Creed : CREED (kreed) n.

A formula of faith; a set of principles

3. Credit : CRED it (kred’ it) n.

Value; worth

4. Creditable : CRED itable (kred’ it a b’l) adj.

Can be believed

5. Creditably : CRED itably (kred’ is a blee) adv.

In such a manner that something is believed

6. Discreditable : dis CRED itable (dis kred’ it a b’l) adj.

Not worthy of belief

7. Discreditably : dis CRED itably (dis kred’ it a blee) adv

Not believably

8. Creditor : CRED itor (kred’ it or) n.

One who loans money to another

9. Credulity : CRED ulity (kre dyu’ lit ee) n.

A willingness to believe easily

10. Incredulity : In CRED ulity (in kre dyu’ lit ee) n.

11. Credulous : CRED ulous (krej’ u lus) adj.

Inclined to believe readily

12. Incredulous : in CRED ulous (in krej’ us lus) adj.

Not inclined to believe

13. Incredulously : in CRED ulously (in krej’ u lus lee) adv.


14. Credulously : CRED ulously (krej’ us lus lee) adv.


15. Accredit : ac CRED it (a kred; it) v.

To recognize as acceptable for approval; as, to accredit a school

16. Accreditation : ac CRED itation (a kred i tay’ shun) n.

A certificate of acceptance

17. Credence : CRED ence (kreed’ ens) n.

Belief; as, he earned the credence of his creditors

18. Credibly : CRED ibly (kred’ i blee) adv.

Believably; plausibly

19. Incredibly : in CRED ibly (in kred’ i blee) adv.

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