Know Your Next Word : cross

12. cross :

noun, verb & adjective :

1. a structure consisting essentially of an upright and a transverse piece, upon which persons were formerly put to death

2. any object, figure, or mark resembling a cross, as two intersecting lines

3. to move, pass, or extend from one side to the other side of (a street, river, etc.)

4. to oppose openly : thwart : frustrate

5. lying or passing crosswise or across each other

6. The Cross : the cross upon which Jesus died

usage :

  • They were at cross purposes with each other.

  • cross-marketing of related services

  • a cross-endorsement of political candidates

  • I was supposed to meet him at the station, but got crossed up.

  • He crossed me up after we had agreed to tell the police the same story.

  • a novel that is a cross between romance and satire

  • Elm Street crosses Oak Street.

  • His path crossed mine.

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