cule,icle & ling

ROOT-WORDS are three CULE, ICLE & LING all meaning the same thing VERY SMALL. They are the Suffixes CULE, ICLE, LING. With these Suffixes added the thing spoken of is diminished, made small not only in size but also in significance. Nos. 4 and 10 use ICLE; the rest of the first ten words, CULE; and the last ten, LING. LING often has a gentle, endearing quality, as in Nos.11, 13, 16, 17 and 18. Youth is tenderly called a sapLING.

1. Erepuscule :erepus CULE (kre pus’ kyul) n.

Dim light; half light; twilight

2. Articulate :arti CUL ate (ar tik’ yu late) v.

To pronounce each little sound carefully

3. Minuscule :minus CULE (min’ us kyul) adj.

Very small; petty; insignificant

4. article :art ICLE (art’ i K’l) n.

A small thing; a detail; a piece of writing on a particular topic

5. Animalculd :animal CULE (an i mal’ kyul) n.

A minute animal, usually microscopic

6. Reticule :reti CULE (red; i kyul) n.

A small net handbag

7. Ridicule :ridi CULE (rid’ i kyul) n.

Small, mocking laughter

8. Molecule :mole CULE (mol’ e kyul) n.

A tiny particie of matter

9. Molecular :mole CUL ar (mo lek’ ye lar) adj.

In the nature of a molecule

10. Funicle :fun ICLE (fue; ni k’l) n.

A small cord; a bundle of threadlike fibers

11. Darling :dar LING (dar’ ling) n.

A dear one, favorite

12. Duckling :duck LING (duk; ling)

A little baby duck

13. Fiedgling :fiedg LING (flej’ ling) n.

A baby bird; an inexperienced person

14. Gosling :gos LING (goz’ ling) n.

A baby goose

15. Hireling :hire LING (hire’ ling) n.

One hired to do a job for money

16. Nestling :nest lING (nest’ ling) n.

A bird still in the nest, unable to fly

17. Princeling :prince LING (prin’ sling) n.

A prince of a small country

18. Sapling :sap LING (sap; ling) n.

A very young tree; youth

19. Underling :under LING (un’ der ling) n.

An underdog; of the lowest status

20. Worldling :world LING (worl’ dling) n.

One devoted to the world and its pleasures

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