Definite Article

Definite Article :

Determiners are words such as this, those, my, their, which. They are special adjectives that are used before nouns.

The Articles

The words a, an and the belong to this group of words called determiners.

The words a and an are called indefinite articles. You can use them with singular nouns to talk about any single person or thing.

For Examples :

Can you hear a bird singing?
Do you wear a uniform to school?
This is a picture of an elephant.
Rudy is reading a book.
Mom bought me a new dress today.
You will need an umbrella when you go out.
She eats an apple a day.
There is a boy crying for an ice-cream.
He is a student of this college.
A ball is costly for me at this level of income.
They are waiting for a taxi.
This computer was purchased in an online shop.
Why did not you report a matter to your boss?
A wire is missing in this circuit.
The police are going behind a thief.
The cinema is screening a new movie this month.
An egg costs USD $ 0.95 here.

The article an is usually used before words beginning with vowels. The article a is used before words beginning with consonants.

The word the is called the definite article. Use the before a noun when you are talking about a certain person or thing.

For Examples :

The telephone is ringing.
Where’s the cat?
I think she is under the bed.
Tom has won the race.
The ice is melting.
Granny is sitting in the garden.
The street is very busy today.
The sky is getting dark.
The University is not responsible for this death of this student.
The typewriter is not working properly.
The machine-tools are not available here.
The Rose is not grown here.
The fruits are cheaper in Hyderabad.

You also use the before a noun when there is only one. If the object is unique, we have to use the before that object.

For examples :

the sun
the moon
the sky
the front door of my house
The Atlantic Ocean
The God
The Gita
The Bible
The Earth

Definite Article :

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