Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns :

These pronouns point out or distinguish things.

Near this
Far that
Near these
Far those

These pronouns are used as adjectives and pronouns.


This is my hat. (pronoun)
This book is interesting. (Adjective)


Have no dealings with such. (pronoun)
Such men are dangerous. (Adjective)
The students came early. But some were late. (Positive statement).
These cakes look delicious. Can I have some? Of course you can.
Somebody broke in last night and stole my wife’s jewellery.

What is the different in these sentences?

1) One

One feels sorry for him.
Do you want a big doll or small one?
Everyone is happy.
Each one will get his present.
All are clever except this one.

2) Any

Anybody can buy perfumes. But few do.
Which brand of tea do you want?
Any will do.
The ink is finished. Have you got any? (interrogative)
No. I haven’t got any. (negative)

3) Another

A student asked a question. Then another answered it.
The pen is lost. I need another.

4) Others

Others think that I am a rich man. But I am not.

5) Every, Everything, Everybody, Everyone

Everyone does his best.

6) No one, None, Nobody, Nothing

No one Knows the answer.
None of this money is mine.
None of my friends knows Hany.
None of my friends knows Mary.

7) Each, Each one

Each man writes in a different way.
Each one will have his present.
The boys each have four pounds.

8) All All were present at airport.
All is well that ends well.

9) Much

Much sugar in tea, please.
There is no much taste in the coffee.

10) Little

Little sugar in tea, please.

11) Many

Many came. But few are absent.

12) Few

Few were absent. But many came.

13) Both

Both were tall. But neither plays basketball.

14) Neither

Neither knows French. But both speak English.

15) Enough

Speaking about money, have you got enough?

16) So, Not

Do you think we will succeed in the exam?

Yes. I think so.
No. I think not.
No. I do not think so

17) Hope, Be afraid

Are you coming with me to the cinema? Yes. I hope so.
No. I am afraid not.
Is he ill?
Yes. I am afraid so.
No. I hope not.

18) So, Not, Tell, Say

How do you know there will be a match?
Ahmad said (told me) so.
Amin said not.

19) So Do

You should stop smoking.
I’ll do so.

Demonstrative Pronouns :

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