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Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns :

The words this, these, that and those are called demonstrative pronouns. They are showing words.


Those are goats.
These are sheep.
This is my house.
This is a hill.
These are donkeys.
What is this?
Did you drop this?
Hi, Jane! This is Michael!
That is John’s house.
That is a mountain.
Those are horses.
What are those?
We can do better than that.
No….that’s not mine.
You mean you won?
That’s amazing!
Hello, who is that speaking, please?
Hello, is that you, George?

You use this and these when you point to things near you.

You use that and those when you point to things farther away.

Demonstrative pronouns can be singular or plural.



1. Peter and I are brothers. We share a bedroom together.
2. Sue isn’t well. Dad is taking him to see a doctor.
3. My brother is a teacher. He teaches English.
4. All his students like him very much.
5. Children, why are making too much noise!
6. Who are those people? Where are they from?
7. Mom is a doctor. She works in a hospital.
8. The sky is getting dark. It is going to rain.
9. John, we are all waiting for you. Are you coming with us?
10. May I borrow your pen?
11. Yes, of course. When can you return my pen to me?
12. What are you reading, Jenny?

No one can help us. We have to help ourselves.
Jane always makes the bed by himself.
They painted the wall all by themselves.
I hurt myself in the playground yesterday.
John, you must behave yourself before your friends.
Children, you must do the homework yourselves.
Tom defended herself against the bullies.
The dog is scratching itself.

What is the matter with you?
Who invented the computer?
Which of the twins is older?
Whom do you wish to speak to?
Whose is this car in front of our house?
Who knows the answer?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
What would you like to drink?
How of them do you think will win the race?
What is the word for a stamp collector?

Demonstrative Pronouns :

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