Developing Reading Skills

Developing Reading Skills :

Immerse Yourself in English, Virtually Reading in English is fundamental to language acquisition and in an online-academic environment, being a strong reader is important for academic success. More resources on developing reading skills are available online. However, for one last practical way to develop greater proficiency in English, we recommend immersing yourself in an all-English online environment where every word you read is in English. Here is a start! Here are some tips for an even fuller English-immersion experience online….Change the settings of your Internet browser and email to English: Learning email terms and commands in English and retrieving your Internet search results in English will make you more adept at using email for academic purposes. Collaborating with classmates and conducting research will be easier if you already use the same terms as your classmates and instructors for downloading attachments and conducting searches on the Web. Post your social media updates in English. Posting, commenting and liking social media pages in English will immerse you in the nuances of written, conversational English and provide you more chances to practice conversing in English as well.

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Developing Reading Skills :

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