dig up dirt

dig the dirt = dig up dirt

discover and reveal damaging information about someone – informal

Dirt is commonly used as a metaphor for unsavoury gossip or scandal as in for example -
dish the dirt .


dig in your heels

resist stubbornly

refuse to give in

The image here is of a horse or other animal obstinately refusing to be led or ridden forwards. Dig in your heels is the commonest form. But
dig in your toes and dig in your feet are also found.

dig yourself into a hole = dig a hole for yourself

get yourself into an awkward or restrictive situation

dig your own grave

do something foolish which causes you to fail or leads to your downfall

1995 - Colin Bateman - Divorcing Jack - Then I thought about Patricia again and how much I was missing her and how I'd dug my own grave over the phone.

dig a pit for

try to trap

This is a common biblical metaphor…for example, in Jeremiah 18 : 20 we find…they have digged a pit for my soul.

dig up dirt :

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