do your head in

do your head in = do your nut in

make you feel angry, worried, or agitated - British informal


do a

behave in a manner characteristic of a specified person or thing – informal

2001 – Times - One reporter even got the brigadier in charge to DO A BLAIR and come over all emotional while discussing the cull.

do the honours

perform a social duty or small ceremony for others

do or die

persist in the face of great danger even if death is the result

1992 - Daily Star - It's do or die for Britain's fearless Rugby League lads Down Under as they prepare to face the Aussies in the Third and deciding Test.

do someone proud

act in a way that gives someone cause to feel pleased or satisfied

treat someone with lavish generosity or honour - informal

do something to death

perform or repeat something so frequently that it becomes tediously familiar

do the trick

achieve the required result – informal

1990 - Niki Hill - Death Grows On You - I figured a box of candy would do the trick, would bring some colour back.

dos and don'ts

rules of behaviour

1999 - Alumnus - Volunteers are prepared well on cultural dos and don'ts before they leave for the field to serve.

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