Know Your Next Word : double

9. double :

verb, adjective & noun :

1. twice as large, heavy, strong, etc. : twofold in size, amount, number, extent, etc.

2. composed of two like parts or members : twofold in form : paired

3. of, pertaining to or suitable for two persons

4. anything that is twofold in size or amount or twice the usual size, quantity, strength, etc.

5. a duplicate or counterpart : something exactly or closely resembling another:

6. to become double

usage :

  • There are only a few beds, so some of the children will have to sleep double for the night.

  • This dress is the double of that.

  • He is the double of his cousin.

  • a new house double the size of the old one

  • He needed a double in the tenth frame to win.

  • The players were doubled for the tournament.

  • He doubled me into game.

  • My money doubled in three years.

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