draw a line at

draw the line at = draw a line at

set a limit of what you are willing to do or accept, beyond which you will not go

1995 - Kate Atkinson - Behind the Scenes at the Museum - She even manages to persuade Gillian not to cheat although Gillian draws the line at not screaming when she loses.


draw a bead on

take aim at with a gun - chiefly North American

1994 - Ontario Out of Doors - Few moose will pose majestically right at the water's edge while you draw a bead on them.

draw a blank

elicit no response

be unsuccessful

A blank was originally a lottery ticket that did not win a prize.

draw his fire

attract hostility or criticism away from a more important target.

draw the short straw

be the unluckiest of a group of people, especially in being chosen to perform an unpleasant task

On e method of drawing lots involves holding several straws of varying lengths with one end concealed in your hand and then inviting other members of the group to take one each.

draw stumps

cease doing something

In the game of cricket, the stumps are taken out of the ground at the close of play.

the luck of the draw

the outcome of chance rather than something you can control

quick on the draw

very fast in acting or reacting

The draw is the action of taking a pistol or other weapon from its holster.

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