drome & dromos

ROOT-WORDS are DROME & DROMOS which come from the Greek and mean RUNNING. Sometimes this ROOT is spelled DROMOUS and is found at the end of a word. Then it is called a Suffix, but that is very rare. I’m certain you know that there is the two-humped camel as well as the dromedary. The dromedary is the swift one and can run a hundred miles in one day’s travel. It is my guess that because of this speed, he was given a name with DROME, running, in it.

1. Dromos : DROMOS (drom’ os) n.’

A long narrow course for foot racing: A large specially prepared area

2. Dromedary : DROME dary (drom’ e dar y) n.

A swiftly running camel

3. Prodromal : pro DROM al (pro drom’ al) adj.

Precursory; as, prodromal stages of disease

4 Dromedarian : DROME darian (drom e dar’ i an) n.

One who rides a dromedary

5. Dromograph : DROMO graph (drom’ o graf) n.

A chart for recording speed changes

6. Dromometer : DROMO meter (dro mom’ e ter) n.

An apparatus for measuring speed

7. Dromotropic : DROMO tropic (drom o trop’ ik) adj.

Affecting the cardiac muscle

8. Airdrome : air DROME (air’ drome) n.


9. Prodromous : pro DROMO us (prod’ ro mus) n.

A preliminary publication; introductory work

10. Hydrodromica : hydro DROM ica (hie dro drom’ i ka) n.

The swimming bugs

11. Hippodromist : hippo DROM ist (hi pod’ ro mist) n.

A circus rider or trainer

12. Hydrodrome : hydro DROME (hie’ dro drome) n.

A boatlike vessel used to skim the surface of the water

13. Motordrome : motor DROME (mote’ r drome) n.

A track for races of automotive vehicles

14. Syndrome : syn DROME (sin’ drome) n.

Concurrence of signs and symptoms

16. Syndromic : syn DROM ic (Sin drome’ ik) adj.

Like a syndrome

17. Hippodrome : hippo DROME (hip’ o drome) n.

A track for horse and chariot racing

18. Prodrome : pro DROME (pro’ drome) n.

An early warning of disease

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