Drugs Affecting Behaviour

Drugs Affecting Behaviour :

Many kinds of drugs are prescribed for anxiety, sleeping and nervous disorders. Several types of sedative drugs induce sleep and cause intoxication. These drugs although prescribed for sleep disorders and anxiety problems, can also cause physical and psychological dependence. These include ethyl alcohol, barbiturates, methaqualone and many others.

There are of course everyday drugs that are consumed in enormous quantities by millions of people. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are used daily by a large number of people, to the extent where they could be classed as addictive. Alcohol addiction is by far one of the most common addictions globally. While there appears to be little evidence that using alcohol in moderation does any damage, but excessive drinking is a major problem in many countries causing many man hours of lost work, social and domestic violence problems. Repeated heavy drinking can cause serious medical problems, liver damage and irreversible brain damage in some cases.

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Drugs Affecting Behaviour :

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