dyn,dyna,dynam, & dynamo

ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes DYN & DYNAMO which mean POWER. It is really a DYNamo of a word. Wherever you see it there is POWER. Take a special minute for No. 13. It is one of the most wonderful words as an example for word building.

1. Dyne : DYN e (dine) n.

A unit of force

2. Dynagraph : DYNA graph (die’ na graf) n.

Apparatus for recording the condition of a line of track

3. Dynameter : DYNA meter (die name’ e ter) n.

Instrument for determining a telescope’s magnifying power

4. Dynamotor : DYNA motor (die’ na mote or) m.

A special kind of electric generator

5. Dynamic : DYNAM ic (die nam’ ik) adj.

Forceful; powerful

6. Dynamism : DYNAM ic (die nam’ ik) adj.

Forceful; powerful

7. Dynamist : DYNAM ist (die’ na mist) n.

One who believes in dynamism

8. Dynamistic : DYNAM istic (die na mist’ ik) adj.

Of or relating to dynamism

9. Dynamite : DYNAM ite (die’ na mite) n.

An explosive

10. Dynamitic : DYNAM itic (die na mit’ ik) adj.

Like dynamite; having explosive force

11. Dynamo : DYNAMO (die’ na moe) n.

A machine for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy

12. Dynamoelectric : DYNAMO electric(die’ na moe e lek’ trik) adj.

Relating to the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy

13. Dynamogenesis : DYN amogenesis (die’ am o jen’ e sis) n.

The production of power

14. Dynamometry : DYNAMO metry (die na mom’ e tree) n.

The process of measuring forces doing work

15. Dynamis : DYNAM is (die’ na mis) n.

The potential of power not yet realized

16. Dynamiter : DYNAM iter (die’ na mite er) n.

One who uses dynamite

17. Dynast : DYN ast (die’ nast) n.

An especially powerful ruler

18. Dynasty : DYN asty (die’ na stee) n.

An especially powerful line of kings

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