eat his dust

eat his dust

fall far behind someone in a competitive situation - North American informal

1993 - Fiddlehead - She let everybody know she was moving on to True Love and they could eat her dust.


eat someone alive

(of insects) bite someone many times

exploit someone's weakness ruthlessly – informal

eat crow

be humiliated by your defeats or mistakes - North American informal

In the USA boiled crow has been a metaphor for something extremely disagreeable since the late 19th century.

eat dirt

suffer insults or humiliation – informal

In the USA eat dirt also has the sense of make a humiliating retraction or eat your words.

eat your heart out

suffer from excessive longing, especially for someone or something unattainable

used to indicate that you think someone will feel great jealousy or regret about something

1997 - Christina Reid - Clowns - Wait'll you see my new frock. Joan Collins eat your heart out.

eat someone out of house and home

eat a lot of someone else's food – informal

eat humble pie

make a humble apology and accept humiliation

Humble pie is from a mid 19th-century pun based on umbles meaning offal which was considered to be an inferior food.

1998 - Spectator - A white youth behind us did shout racial abuse. But after the game was over his companions forced him to come up to Darcus to eat humble pie.

eat salt with

eat salt with be a guest of - British dated

eat your words

retract what you have said especially when forced to do so

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