ROOT-WORD is the Suffix EE which means ONE WHO. But this ONE WHO is different from the ONE WHO of ER or OR. EE means ONE WHO RECEIVES THE ACTION. You will notice that every one of the words in the list is a verb plus EE. The EE is a suffix which makes a noun of these verbs. The newly created noun receives the action, either directly or indirectly. For example, No. 13 The legatEE is the ONE WHO RECEIVES the legacy. No. 15, The nominEE is the ONE WHO RECEIVES the nomination.

1. Alienee : alien EE (ay lee a nee’) n.

One who receives property through a transfer

2. Donee : don EE (doe nee’) n.

One who receives a gift

3. Appellee : appell EE (ap e lee’) n.

A person who has an appeal made against him

4. Assessee : assess EE (as e see’) n.

One whose property is assessed

5. Assignee : assign EE (a sie nee’) n.

One to whom a duty is assigned

6. Biographee : biograph EE (bie og ra fee’) n.

One whose life is written about

7. Collatee : collat EE (ko late ee’) n.

One on whom a benefice is bestowed

8. Devotee : devot EE (dev o tee’) n.

One who is devoted to a cause

9. Deportee : deport EE (dee port ee’) n.

One who is deported

10. Employee : employ eE (em ploy ee’) n.

One who is employed

11. Finance : fianc EE (fee an say’) n.

One who is engaged, affianced

12. Gagee : gag EE (gay jee’) n.

One to whom security is pledged

13. Legatee : legat EE (leg a tee’) n.

One who has a legacy bequeathed to him

14. Mortgagee : mortgage EE (mor ga jee’) n.

A person to whom a property is mortgaged

15. Nominee : nomin EE (nom i nee’) n.

One who is nominated; a candidate

16. Refugee : refug EE (ref yu jee’) n.

One who flees for safety

17. Referee : refer EE (ref e ree’) n.

One who calls the game

18. Trustee : trust EE (trus tee’) n.

One who holds a position of trust

19. Expellee : expel EE (ek spel ee’) n.

One who is expelled

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